Is the Georgia Logistics Summit – Regional Forum different than the past Georgia Logistics Summit?

  • The GLS-Regional Forum will be taking the place of the multi-day Georgia Logistics Summit this year.  After ten years, we decided that it’s time for change – instead of bringing the community to the Summit, we’re bringing the Summit to the community with this regionally focused event.


Is the big multi-day Summit still happening?

  • No, in 2019 the GLS-Regional Forum in Cartersville will be taking the place of the traditional Summit typically help in Atlanta.


Why is it changing?

  • The Center of Innovation for Logistics envisioned and created the Georgia Logistics Summit in 2009 as a way to bring industry professionals together and showcase logistics in Georgia. The Summit first launched as a luncheon with three keynote speakers and a video address from then Governor, Sonny Perdue.  The response to the first Summit was overwhelmingly positive, and the Summit quickly became an annual event that increased in size and scope to a multi-day conference with an average attendance of more than 1000.  After ten years, the Summit is at a point where its format needs to be revised to better reflect the needs of the industry and the goals of COI.

    The Purpose of the Regional Forum is to move toward regional, more focused events, which will allow COI to enhance its reach throughout the state and will allow the Center to bring in-depth knowledge about the logistics industry and local logistics-related topics to communities in Georgia. This new format will allow the Center to highlight regional or topical logistics issues, spotlight statewide logistics trends, and promote awareness of the Centers of Innovation and the resources offered.


Will you do more than one regional event this year?

  • As of right now, the GLS-Regional Forum in Cartersville is the only event that we have planned for 2019, but we will continue to explore opportunities for additional events in other parts of the state as well.


I don’t live near Cartersville, should I still attend?

  • We think so!  If you’re interested in any of the following, then this event is for you:

    • The GPA’s Network Georgia initiative

    • How the Appalachian Regional Port will affect the logistics community, workforce issues, economic development, etc

    • How current shippers and customers utilize the ARP and the value it provides

    • How the ARP provides advantages in time and money versus todays alternative to trucking to/from the Port in Savannah

    • How the ARP helps alleviate capacity constraints and provides possible improvements to supply chain efficiency through state of the art technology

    • How the ARP is one solution to the ELD mandates and driver attraction/retention

    • The ARP’s ability to provide visibility in supply chain

    • Concerns/Challenges related to potential impacts to Murray County in regards to anticipated volumes moving in and out of the ARP

    • Takeaways and lessons learned from the ARP that may benefit northwest Georgia and the state as a whole as GPA adds new inland ports in the coming years